It’s the Great Pumpkin!

This is my favorite time of year.

With Thanksgiving Day fast approaching, I know our Fall days are numbered.

We took advantage of this lovely afternoon to explore the inside of a pumpkin.

Granted, in October, we carved a pumpkin for Halloween, but today’s purpose was to really look inside the pumpkin and explore its offerings.

First, we cut the pumpkin open and scooped out the pulp.

The seeds were gathered, the pumpkin cut into pieces and the flesh scraped clean.

We rinsed the seeds in cool water until all the pulp was washed away…

and, then, we set the seeds out to dry in the sun.  They looked so perfect and pretty.

Then, we baked all of the pumpkin pieces that could fit inside my largest baking dish.

Once the perfect, pretty seeds were dried, we cooked up a sweet pumpkin seed snack.

These were perfect, pretty and sweet.

Since we had some left over pieces of pumpkin, and some extra pumpkins that were picked over by the birds, we shared our bounty with the horses.

Now, we must decide what to make with all this cooked pumpkin.  I see some muffins and pie in our future.

One thought on “It’s the Great Pumpkin!

  1. Just read your blog for the first time! It is so awesome! You should write in it again!! Love how creative, relatable and funny you are! And that I get to see Kristen’s old clothes. That picture of Zoey in the princess boots is priceless.

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