Nursing Days Are Over

After getting my BSFs to bed late last night, I knew they’d sleep in a little bit this morning.  I took advantage of that time to read my email.  A post from, titled “Weaning A Toddler,” caught my eye.

How timely this was for me. My almost 20 month old has been down to one feed a day for weeks now. When I read this particular post this morning, I decided that this was the sign I needed to finally choose today as the day I stopped nursing.

It is bittersweet because as much as I’m happy I was able to nurse my sweet baby for this long, she is my last baby and I’m going to miss this special time that we, as mother and child, have had together.

I’m grateful for the post that came to my inbox today.  It helped me, tremendously, with a tough, but timely decision.

Not only was it timely, but it made me think of my momma today.  She breastfed her children.  I don’t know for how long and I don’t know if it was the same happy experience it was for me.  We never talked about it really…but I’m grateful I was able to give this gift to my children…to myself.

I will miss this special time with my baby, but I celebrate another milestone.

Happy End-of-Breastfeeding!

Now, excuse me, as I enjoy a lovely craft brew.  It is a celebration, after all.


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