It happened…


Yes, today, it happened.

Nothing could prepare me for it.

I heard the two little words I have dreaded hearing all my motherly life.

All three years of it.

Yes, you can giggle right now.

See this adorable little thing?

This little baby, turned preschooler, said it, as plain as day…at the pharmacy.

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d hear her utter these words until at least five years old, but it happened.


Did I mention that?

While on the rare occasion that I go shopping with anyone other than the my BSFs and my husband, we went to the corner drug store with Grandfather.  It worked out in the most surprising and pleasant of ways.  I was so tickled that we could all ride together to run some quick errands.

So, back to those two little words.  My three year old, big girl, who can imaginatively play anywhere and anytime, blurted out, while we were waiting and sitting in comfortable chairs at the pharmacy with grandfather, for less than 2 minutes, mind you, the most repulsive words this mother could hear…

“I’m bored.”


Since these words are not uttered in our house, I can only surmise that she has learned them from someone at school.  Surely, whoever has said this in her presence has an older brother or sister since that is the crowd who is usually bored.  At least that is what I tell myself.

“I’m bored.”

Oh, boy.

And, so, it begins.

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