No Labor on These Days

Some of my happiest, most peaceful memories as a child come from our summer vacations spent in the woods.  My mother would prepare all summer long for the various escapes to our cabin in the cool, mountain pines.

Of our many trips to the cabin, some recollections stand out more than others….

Exploring the woods, toasting marshmallows at the campfire, waking to cold, summer mornings, chasing down and counting train cars, listening to the night radio waves, playing board and card games, drinking Crush soda, eating breakfast cereal directly out of those little individual sized boxes, tuning into the sound of raindrops during afternoon showers, picking wildflowers, studying the stars in the night sky, collecting lava rocks, riding our bicycles through the red cinder rock roads to the lake, skipping rocks, riding ATVs and just soaking up the sights and smells of the forest…These are all vivid memories for me.

Our family vacation season would invariably start on Memorial Day weekend and end on Labor Day weekend.  The bookend holidays were celebrated in the nearby small town with a rodeo and a much-anticipated parade.  Throughout the years, it became tradition for us to set up a spot and watch the parade action as a family.

Here are Mom and Dad waiting for one of the parades to begin.  I love the yarn ribbons in Mom’s hair and my Dad’s big smile.

This Labor Day weekend, we have no plans to leave town.  We are spending our time with precious friends and family, celebrating the symbolic end of summer, while swimming and barbecuing.  This has been my husband’s and my tradition, even before our BSFs, and so it continues.

The only difference is that this year, we will take in the Labor Day Parade.

However you spend your Labor Day weekend, stay safe and enjoy the special memories you create.

Happy Labor Day!


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