4th of July Jello Jigglers

After such an awfully hot and humid 2011 summer season, I am rejoicing, to anyone within earshot, that the cooler weather this summer is an absolute surprise and a pure joy.

Now, I’m not talking about cooler weather such as that experienced in the Rocky Mountains at this time of the year.  Rather, I’m merely talking about temperatures below 100 degrees.

This is cause for celebration.

What better way to celebrate an occasion, any occasion, than with Jell-O?

When I saw this festive idea in my inbox, right before the 4th of July, I knew we had to try them out.

I got my BSF in the kitchen to help.  Since we spent a couple of days preparing and creating these treats, the excitement and anticipation grew in the eyes of my lil’ BSF.  In my book of moments-to-savor, this is golden.

These red, white and blue stars sure look pretty, if I do say so myself, and they taste light and sweet.  I think we’ve found a new traditional treat for our 4th of July celebration.

The details for making these jiggly, festive gelatinous delights are right here.


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