Remembering Mom

Good Morning to You, Good Morning to You

We’re All in Our Places

With Bright Shining Faces

This is the Way to Start a New Day

As a child, my mother would greet us, first thing in the morning, singing this song to us. She’d draw open the curtains, turn on the lights, and wake us up.  It was endearing and annoying all together.  She needed us awake and up for the day.  We wanted to keep sleeping in the dark.  What was most special about this is that her own mother sang this morning song to my mother each morning.

It is Mother’s Day and I’m thinking about my mom an awful lot.  This is our first Mother’s Day without her.  I really miss her.  More than words can express.

I have a burning desire to capture what memories and feelings I can preserve of my mother.  This blog is one place where I will document the special traditions, recipes, quotes, readings and projects that I remember from childhood and were nurtured by my mother. I continue to draw inspiration from her. Here, too, I will document our new traditions, adventures, projects and special memories for my BSFs.  I’m learning as I go. My hope is that this will be one of the greatest gifts I share with them.

Needless to say, I sing the Good Morning song to my BSFs in the morning.  I wonder if they will do the same with their babies someday.  If they do, they will know that many loving generations of mothers in their family did the same.

As she would say, and truly, “What a gift.”


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