May Day, May Day

Nothing reminds me more of May Day than the mention of homemade fudge.  Back in the day, my brothers, sister and I used to prepare handmade paper baskets or cones on May Day, fill them with popcorn and homemade fudge, and deliver them to our nearest and dearest neighbors.  Every May 1st, my mother was so enthusiastic about our mission.  She approached this day with a whole lot of love.  I can only imagine that she was reminded of her childhood days, doing this with her own mother.

While she made the goodies, we kids would decorate, cut, staple and tape together our May Day baskets or May Day cones.  When everything was readied, she sent us out to the neighbors’ homes to secretly deliver our gifts.  Well, that was the intention.  We would sneak over to each neighbors’ house, ring the doorbell, drop the goods and RUN.  Part of the fun was the anticipation of getting caught, coupled with the exhilaration of NOT getting caught.

This year, my older BSF (Bright Shining Face) helped me make a batch of homemade stovetop fudge.

We popped popcorn in the Pro Popper stovetop popper.  Geesh…That’s a whole lot of POP in one sentence.

We rolled pretty scrapbooking paper into cones and stapled handles to them.

We filled the cones with pieces of fudge and popcorn and we carried on the tradition for another generation.

I’ll wait until the BSFs are a little older before we go undercover and incognito.  In the meantime, we will enjoy the simple pleasures of the process…and maybe a little piece of fudge.

Thank you, momma, for making this May Day tradition so special in our home.

I think my neighbors thank you, too.

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